A little dose of Paul Barnett


Well, the date for the open beta of WAR in TW is getting closer and closer, here is a video clip of Paul Barnett in TW introducing the classes of WAR.


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The Art of being Rezzed.


Today, We are going to talk about the art of being rezzed.

Yes, Its great that the healer took time to rez you, but what should a player do when they are rezzed?

From my observation there are two types of rezzed players.

1) Oh Yeah! I am back to the battle, Lets do it!

2)Thanks for the rez, but my health is not full yet so I will wait till its full

Which one are you?

If you choose number 1, I have to tell you, I dislike that (as a healer). Because I took three seconds to rez you, and you just go right back to the enemy line and died within three seconds (or less). Then what is the point of rezzing you?

If you choose number 2, congratulations! You are on my list of likable players. Your effort to stay in the back line until you are healed means that you will have a better survivability, and do more good for your team! Thank you!

Now, I know a lot of people have complaints about healers rezzing them. What annoys them is the possibility that they will die right away when they are rezzed. And I understand that. But to be successfully rezzed and not die right away, need the understanding of both parties.

As a healer, I am sick of people telling me “PLEASE HEAL AFTEER REZING!”

Of course I know that I need to heal you right after you are rezzed, but if that didn’t happen that probably means that I didn’t have the time to heal you, because

1) The healer is being pressured to move further back into the line

2)The healer can’t SEE you!

3) the other team members needs heals.

4) The healer needs to heal himself/herself because they are low on HP.

So please, if you run into enemy lines right after you are rezzed (before your health are full), please, you have no right to complaint about not being healed. Even if you died right away due to a rez, please consider what the situation was and don’t just assume that who ever rezzed you are not a good healer.

Notes to healers about rezzing people:

1) Rez people when the team is not under pressure. The heals that you can put out within 3 seconds usually will help the team instead of getting a player up with just 1/3 of their health. (Especially when you are the only healer!)

2) Be aware of the battle situation, if the enemy is running towards you, don’t rez people! Because both you and the rezzed might  end up dying at the end.

3) Put a HoT right after you rezzed a person unless you are being attacked.

4) If the rezzed is in your team, it will help to cast the group heal. (beware the nerf after 1.3.0)

5) Use common sense, don’t just rez people, be aware of the battle situation, sometimes its better to run to safety than gamble the risk of being killed just to rez a player.

Well, that’s all I have to rant about, its really a bad feeling to see people run into the enemy line before being healed. So please use COMMON SENSE!

S.T. out.

Jeff Hickman internview in TW.


As US servers awaits the coming of 1.3.0.

In Taiwan, 1.2.1 is about to enter open Beta and starts its bid in the Asian Market.

The following is an interview by the TW gaming website.

Not a lot of new stuff to be crazy about, but there are a few little things about the future of WAR. Enjoy.

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the return of Thade!


So, One of my friend from WAR, Thade, whom wrote the awesome blog of “Archmagery” had returned! (after 6 months!)

Thade’s blog was the one blog that convinced me to join the side of Order, otherwise my first choice would had been Chaos (zealot).

Anyways, I am glad to tell you that Thade (aka Serra) had decided to give WAR another try!

Hopefully this time he will stay and we will be able to be in touch!

PS: Go check out his blog! Archmagery! And give him a big welcome!

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WAR Patch 1.3 changes to Scenario


Since the notes for Patch 1.3 is out ( click here for the notes) . I had been reading through it, I know that the Career Changes are what most people want to know, but there is quite a lot of changes, so I will probably work on that later. What catch my eyes is the changes to the Scenarios.

It had always been a drag when people don’t care about doing the objective of the Scnarios, naming, the Talabec Dam, Grovod Caverns, Serpen’s Passage, Howling Gorge, Phoenix Gate, Stonetroll Crossing, Black Fire Basin, and Reikland Hills. Where people would rather farm the enemy players than doing the objectives of the Scenarios.

I had always wondered if Mythic would implement a system where they would reward the players who have done the objectives and now they had done it for Patch 1.3

“Added a 50-point Renown bonus for the flag carrier and all players in the carrier’s immediate area on a successful flag capture”

In addition, there are also more points rewarded to the players that had been holding the flag and killing the enemy players.

These changes are always welcome to improve the SC, since SCs are really my favorite, I think i will enjoy the changes. =D

What do you think?

S.T. out.

S.T. WAR Update!


Wow! its been a month! And I haven’t wrote anything for a month! that feels strange! But Since I have finished everything for school, and now I am just chilling looking for a summer job. So I think I will resume my blog and try to post every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, What have I been up to? Well, besides busy homework and looking for a job, I had been playing WAR for a while. Yes, I was burned out by WAR at the end of March, and tried to play other games as they become available, but I have not been able to put more than 2 hours to any other MMORPG! And so I returned to WAR. Its not as bad as i thought it would be anymore, I am actually quite energized by WAR at this moment!

I have leveled a BW to lv 31 and a AM to lv 25!

The total playtime? no more than 4 days! and I only leveled them through SCs!

So I am looking forward for Land of the Dead. And further more, the token system had been changed a bit. Mythic have slashed the prices for the armor sets! That’s good news!

Well, I will talk more about a few things later in the week. So stay tuned!

S.T. out.

Oh… Poor WAR players, oh dear Mythic…


So, 1.2.1 for WAR is out… but all I have been hearing are negative feed backs.

From Casual WAR, Josh gave the thumb down to 1.2.1, Am I Not Merciful?

Tulane of Incoming Poll has the following comment, A patch is supposed to fix things, right?

Snafzg had a pretty angry rant, Epic Fail =

So… Has mythic finally become the devil?

only time will tell.

S.T. out.