WAR Career series #2 Part 1– let’s talk TANKs (or shall we spank them?)

WAR Career Series


So. This is issue number 2 for WAR career series.

This discussion will be split into two, Part 1 will be talking about the general mindset playing a tank, and Part 2 will be talking about each and every tank careers and their specialties.

First thing first, lets talk about the responsibilities of being a tank and what you should and should not do in SCs (due to personal experiences, I will talk more about SCs than oRvR, if you have tips about oRvR please leave a comment or email me at rvrconfessions@gmail.com) Tanks are defined as the front line warriors in battlefield situations. They are the brave souls that run towards the enemy and hold the formation of their party.

In WAR, all tank careers have a special skill called “guard” which will migrate the damage of the person that you guard (50%) to you. It is important to put “guard” on someone as soon as you reach lv10. Learn to use it, don’t forget about this important skill, yes, you are taking up extra damage, but by doing so, you are helping your team to survive. Being a tank means sacrifice. Don’t think about yourself; think about what you could do to win for your team. (in WAR people usually guard the healers, but sometimes they guard the DPS careers)

As a tank you should be aware of your environment, you need to know your limit and understand the basic rules of a battlefield, also you will be the one that moves your party forward in a battlefield. Being a tank doesn’t mean that you can just run into the enemies and die. That is not your job; your job is to stay alive as long as possible (with GUARD!) and most importantly hold the enemies at bay and lead your team.

First of all, check who is in the scenario by open up the score board before the battle begins, check if there is any healers on the enemy team, and check if there are any on your side, while doing so, also try to know what careers are on each side, this is important because then you will know whom to guard and whom to target once you engage your enemy.

Second, claim main assist, this is something that will help you to kill your target. Remember, in SCs it is first come first serve, so once you get into a SC, claim the main assist, if you can. (I believe you can claim main assist by typing /claim main assist or you could click on the claim main assist button on the SC party window). Once you have clamed it let your SC group know about it, and ask them to assist you. Being a tank also means that you are the one that should target the enemies and tell your teammates whom to kill. (yes, I know, its hard to communicate in WAR, that is why you want to put up micros to help you to communicate, I haven’t grasped the secrets of micros yet, but will look into it.)

Third, once you encountered your enemy, and you have evaluate the environment, its time to pick the target, half of the time (HALF not ALL) I will say go for the healer, remember the squishy healers first, so you should pick Rune priest/Zealot first, then Arcmage/Shaman, and finally Warrior Priest/Disciple of Khaine.

What do I mean half of the time? Once you played a Tank you will know that most healers always stay in the backline of the battlefield, unless, the healer doesn’t know what he/she is doing or they just don’t care staying in the back. In that kind of situation (where the healers are at the back all the time), it is probably better off for you to attack the other squishies, such as long range DPS and Melee DPS, I would go with Melee DPS first since they will be right in front of the battle field too. And tanks will always be the last person that you want to attack unless he/she is the only target at the moment. So when picking your targets you could think it this way.

Healers are in the frontline.

Healers > Melee DPS > Long range DPS > Tanks

Healers are in the backline.

Melee DPS > Long range DPS > Healers > Tanks

On one note, this is just a general strategy rule, you have to be able to adapt to the situations that you are in and adjust your strategy.

What does it mean to be aware of your environment? A good tanks always knows who is around him/her, either it be friendly or hostel. By knowing whom, you will know who to target and when to attack. There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you run into your enemies.

1. the career of your enemy in front of you

2. the positions of your allies behind you

3. the party formation of your enemy

4. the party formation of your allies

This sounds easy, but in fact, its hard, that’s why a good tank knows when to attack and when to retrieve. Once you are at the middle of a battle, a lot of things happens and a lot of times, it hard to evaluate the situation, and you will just die. But, dying is a risk that every career have to face.

Yes, this guide is very general and you might not agree to it. But just remember one thing, this is my personal experience and the way that my brain kind of process the careers of tanks. I am not a tanker, so there might be some things that I am not aware of. If you have any comment or tips for other players, please, leave a comment or email me.

S.T. out.


WAR Career Series #1 Understanding the Archetypes

WAR Career Series


So to kick things off, I would like to provide my thoughts on the matter of the Archetypes. What are Archetypes you might ask; archetypes are the basics for the career choices in WAR. As impressive as the numbers of different careers in WAR (22!) there are 4 different archetypes, and these archetypes are what categorized the careers.

The four different archetypes are

Tank, Healer, Range DPS, Melee DPS

To further explain each archetype I would like to introduce a futuristic robotic warrior, Bunny.

Tanks are like the invisible shield of Bunny, careers fall under this archetype are most likely hard to kill, and they have very high physical defenses and HP (health point). They can withhold damage, and protects other teammates as needed. Most importantly, they are the front line of a battlefield.

Healers are the fusion reactor for Bunny, they are the ones that keep everyone alive and they are the ones that keep a group to be able to fight the enemies. In most cases, healers are more or less under appreciated, and at the same time the ones that get blames when a battle ends badly. Despites its underapreicativeness, its still the most popular archetypes for groups as long as he or she knows what they are doing.

Range DPS, DPS stands for Damage per second, careers under this archetype are the laser guns (eyes?) of Bunny, they are the ones that provide instant damage to insure the death of your enemies. Without them, the battle might be a little bit hard to win.

Melee DPS, careers that belong to this archetype are like the diamond blades of Bunny. These people are capable of killing their enemies in a few seconds using the raw force of strength and/or stealth.

As you can see each archetypes have its own roles and its own pros and cons.

What makes WAR’s career even more interesting is that even though all the careers are based on these archetypes, each career still have its own little twists, and that twist is the mechanic of each career.

The next WAR Career Series will start introducing you to the Tanks of WAR. So stay tuned for more!

If you have questions about the careers please leave a comment, and hopefully I will be able to answer it to you!
S.T. out.