leaving the world of WAR


a quote from BSG,

“This has happened before, and it will happen again, and again, again…”

At this moment, that’s what I felt like with keeping my Subscription with WAR.

As you might have noticed, previously I have decided to stop playing WAR a few times, but then I came back to WAR because of a few major patches, but this time, I am not going back to WAR anytime soon.

I have not played Land of the Dead, but from what I read, I am not missing too much. I think I will wait until WAR is really polished, and the class balances are done, and the server population balances are also sorted out.

Until then, I will be playing Infamous and some other PS3 games, (plus Aion). I guess I should go back to single player games, and get away from MMORPG for a while, because it felt that MMORPG is the same old same old again and again.

anyways, I will keep this blog here and not deleting it, but its probably not going to be updated for a long long time.

S.T. out.