the drama of unbalance in WAR


As I am writing this post, one thing you should know that Dark Craig is totally out of balance with Order dominating Destruction (as this moment, IC had been bashed to a one star city, which I had not seen since launch). With Land of the Dead live later today, I am wondering, what are the destruction players going to do on Dark Craig? It seemed that they had given up defending the city, or should we say they are sick of the Order dominance over them?

Mythic had always been saying that they will be closely monitoring the balance between the two realms in every server, but what is going on here? Dark Craig’s balanced had long been broken at least 4 months ago, but I haven’t seen anything being done! Didn’t they say they would provide an experience bonus to the losing realm? Where is the bonus?

Yes, I play Order on Dark Craig, and yes, I am happy that Order is winning a lot, but at the same time, I am sick of it, (can one be sick of being a winner all the time?) since the way that I level my characters are through SCs, its a bit boring when all the zones are locked and there is no more SCs running but at the same time my level is not high enough to participate in City Sieges. So I usually just log out and play other toons. And Order is constantly raiding IC. which means that I play on other Tiers a lot more than T4.

T4 end game seems quite boring at the moment. yes, land of the Dead is coming very soon. But will that fix the problem? or will it worsen the situation?

Let’s not just look at the population unbalance in servers, we should also look at other unbalances in WAR that I had found after playing WAR since launched.

AoE vs. Single Target

This is one of the unbalance that players feels the most in WAR let it be SCs or not, the AoE skills are just to effective comparing to the Single Target skills. We know that Mythic is trying to solve this problem, but will it be fixed in time?

Bright Wizard vs. Sorceress

Another unbalance that is quite noticeable. The skills that these two careers are suppose to be similar, but after playing both a BW and a Sorceress to lv33 I have to say, BW have way more advantages than a Sorceress. Sure, Sorceress have some pretty nasty skills, but they can not be learned till they reached a higher level, even if they have acquired that skill, BW has something even better! For example, BW have a skill where they can restore Action Points while hurting themselves (the damage is minimal) but Sorceress doesn’t (at level 33, I am not sure if they have it later, if they do let me know), which is a bit unfair because that means BWs have unlimited Action Points (I know that Black Guards have a similar skill, but they are tanks and I am not sure if IB gets them, but that’s beside the point) while Sorceress have to abide with the regular AP restore rules. That one skill a long, makes BWs a lot more powerful, because they can build combustion right after they used “escaped”! Where as Sorceress have to wait for 10 seconds plus another 5 seconds to build dark magic.

SC Population balance

Another unbalance I want to stress about is the population balances in SCs, I am not sure what is the line for unbalanced SCs, but it seems to be a bit weired, I understand that one realm have a plus 2 over the other is fine, that is not out of balanced yet, but when a plus 4 happens, that should be unbalanced right away, no matter what! Today, I had played an SC with a population of 7 vs 11 happened, and the unbalance check did not show up at all! Mythic? is the population unbalance checks broken in SCs? What is going on? Or at least tell us the rules for an unbalanced SC!

Well these are the ones that I found, did you find anything else that is unbalanced in WAR? Let me know!

S.T. out.

3 Responses

  1. Awfully interesting since the Ruin super-guild moved to Praag. Weren’t they a huge Order force on DC at one point?

  2. Ruin is still running i think on DC, i have seen them around, and yes I think they also have established their presence at Pragg.

    At Pragg, I think its still quite balanced, well, Destruction have the upper hand, but It haven’t gone to the point where DC is, and hopefully that won’t happen.

  3. Destruction is playing their alts in lower teirs it looks like. I’m in T2 right now and we are getting beat pretty hard on most days, or at least until they start playing their mains I guess. This last weekend we lost I would say 95%. Monday was different we won proabably 80% of the time which was refreshing. Now that I’m in T2 it still seems we are not doing so hot in Reikland, we won 3 matches last night when I was on. Unfortunatley, I will not see Land o the dead for awhile I have a long road ahead.

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