1.3.0 is going to be downsized.


In-case you didn’t know. Mythic has decided to take out the  Career balance patch from the 1.3.0 patch. Which means that the AoE problems have to wait a little.

I am not sure about how I feel about it. I have to say it might be a good thing, since a lot of people who had tried out the PTS said that the career balance doesn’t make sense.

There are a lot of heated debates over at the WAR forum.

Personally, I do agree with some of them where they suggested that Mythic should only address the Careers individually, and not just trying to fix the problem.

And what is the problem? AoE being too effective is what people had been complaining about, and the way Mythic is trying to fix is by reducing the AoE skills value from all AoE skills, without dealing with each career individually.

So what can be done?

Well, as a healer player I understand the roles of each different Careers in WAR, there is the Pure long range  healer (Rune Priest and Zealot). The long range healer with debuffs (Arcmage and Shaman) Last but not least, the Close ranged front line healers (WP and DoK).

From this point of view, it is understandable why WP and DoK’s Group heal is only 1 sec. cast and with a short cool downs. When they are in the battle front, there is no way they will be able to cast the group heal if it is 3 secs casts (trust me, if the enemy is ganking you, even a 1 sec. cast time is impossible).

Because of this a lot of people’s strategy playing WP and DoK is to stay in the back and spam the Group Heal as many time as possible. I understand that, and I do that too! So what is the problem? Its actually making it a bit boring playing a WP and DoK if all you do is spam AoE heals, but that is the most efficient way to heal.

Maybe instead of increasing the cast time for WP and DoK and decrease the value of healing, maybe its time for mythic to look into skill changes. They are doing some experiment with the AM and Shaman. So why not try it on the WP and DoK?

You are probably confused as to what I am saying. But hear me out.

Instead of shutting down all AoE skills, why not deal with all AoE skills individually?

For example,

WP and DoK’s AoE heal, instead of making it a longer cast time skill, and to decrease the value of heal, why not let it have its cast time and maybe let the cool down a bit longer? Maybe they could some how changed it where they can only heal people behind them? Or maybe they could make it an AoE HoT type of thing, but only to people around them (say like 10 to 15 feet?).

If Mythic wants to fix it so that the WP and DoK players will do what they are intended to do (heal at the front of the line). Give them the tools and the reason!

Don’t punish all other healer’s AoE heal just because WP and DoK were able to do it a lot more efficient. If you know what I mean.

The same applies to the problem with the AoE damage skills. Don’t just punish them, change the function of the skills if its too powerful.

GW was one of the game that I know that does this type of skill changes the best. They are not afraid to change the FUNCTIONALITY of a skill to keep the balance between each career.

To me, I think the problem with the skill sets of the careers in WAR is this: The planning of these skills are not long enough.

If I remembered right, Mythic didn’t really started to think about the Mastery system after they started CB. Which I have to say, means that they didn’t really put that much thoughts into the mastery system, and they just kind of came out with a system. Yes the Mastery system is something that is needed, but I think its o.k. for them to change things if they want. If its for the sake of the game. They would do it.

What is your thoughts on this issue?

S.T. out.

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