S.T. is still here!


A little update, S.T. is still here and this little blog is still alive, I haven’t been posting because I wanted to wait for Patch 1.3.0, I have been writing a few guides about being a healer, but since patch 1.3.0 is going to change the landscape of group healing, I wanted to wait to see how things goes with 1.3.0 (yes, I know I can test it on the PTS but atm I am trying to get a few of my toons level up)

I have started a Zealot, and I have to say I am falling in-love with WAR again! Zealot has always been the career that I wanted to play since WAR launched, but I kind of got derailed and joined the side of Order.

Anyways, so after all this time, I am finally back to Zealot, and I have to say I am enjoying it!

So, I will posts more in the future, and this blog is not dead yet!

S.T. out.


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