WAR Patch 1.3 changes to Scenario


Since the notes for Patch 1.3 is out ( click here for the notes) . I had been reading through it, I know that the Career Changes are what most people want to know, but there is quite a lot of changes, so I will probably work on that later. What catch my eyes is the changes to the Scenarios.

It had always been a drag when people don’t care about doing the objective of the Scnarios, naming, the Talabec Dam, Grovod Caverns, Serpen’s Passage, Howling Gorge, Phoenix Gate, Stonetroll Crossing, Black Fire Basin, and Reikland Hills. Where people would rather farm the enemy players than doing the objectives of the Scenarios.

I had always wondered if Mythic would implement a system where they would reward the players who have done the objectives and now they had done it for Patch 1.3

“Added a 50-point Renown bonus for the flag carrier and all players in the carrier’s immediate area on a successful flag capture”

In addition, there are also more points rewarded to the players that had been holding the flag and killing the enemy players.

These changes are always welcome to improve the SC, since SCs are really my favorite, I think i will enjoy the changes. =D

What do you think?

S.T. out.

One Response

  1. Its a good step in the right direction. The T4 bonus needs to be 5×50 RP to have people even bother with it but its a good start.

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