S.T. WAR Update!


Wow! its been a month! And I haven’t wrote anything for a month! that feels strange! But Since I have finished everything for school, and now I am just chilling looking for a summer job. So I think I will resume my blog and try to post every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, What have I been up to? Well, besides busy homework and looking for a job, I had been playing WAR for a while. Yes, I was burned out by WAR at the end of March, and tried to play other games as they become available, but I have not been able to put more than 2 hours to any other MMORPG! And so I returned to WAR. Its not as bad as i thought it would be anymore, I am actually quite energized by WAR at this moment!

I have leveled a BW to lv 31 and a AM to lv 25!

The total playtime? no more than 4 days! and I only leveled them through SCs!

So I am looking forward for Land of the Dead. And further more, the token system had been changed a bit. Mythic have slashed the prices for the armor sets! That’s good news!

Well, I will talk more about a few things later in the week. So stay tuned!

S.T. out.

2 Responses

  1. Welcome back. 🙂

    There’s some nice things about 1.3 that may get you excited too.

    Game-Wide AoE nerfs/ST buff, Keep Upgrade : Boltlock (no bypass defenses/lockpick), and they’re thinking about making group heals LoS.

    • =D thanks! I am definitely looking forward for the new update! A lot of things do need to be balanced out a bit. I am most defiantly excited about the changes to the healers! =]

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