Oh… Poor WAR players, oh dear Mythic…


So, 1.2.1 for WAR is out… but all I have been hearing are negative feed backs.

From Casual WAR, Josh gave the thumb down to 1.2.1, Am I Not Merciful?

Tulane of Incoming Poll has the following comment, A patch is supposed to fix things, right?

Snafzg had a pretty angry rant, Epic Fail =

So… Has mythic finally become the devil?

only time will tell.

S.T. out.

4 Responses

  1. Looks like since the patch Mythic have had to do a load of work on server stability, Guess that’s caused a lot of angst. That and the randomness of tokens.

    Just waiting for the EU servers to come back up now to see it first hand…

  2. I am a bit concerned for Mythic, it had happened every time they introduced a new system or a major patch. It seems that there is always server stability problems and after the patch there is always something broken. I wonder why?

  3. I had fun, there is some positive feedback 🙂

  4. The patch was a “three steps forward, one step back” experience for me. Our servers first Destruction appearance into Altdorf was extremely buggy and a disappointment but in general we (my guild) are enjoying the changes.

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