quick little post.


just in case you didn’t know, the patch notes for 1.2.1 is up, you can get to it by cliking this.

Mythic is considering redesign (well, huge changes) to AM and Shaman. You can find it here

One thing that I am a little bit shocked is the following,

Renown, Influence, and Experience rewards for capturing a Keep have been reduced by 50%; however, once a zone is captured, players who participated in taking a Keep, and who are still in the pairing, will be rewarded double the Renown, Influence, and Experience received from the initial Keep capture.  Furthermore, we’ve also added additional Renown rewards for all players in the Tier 4 zone when it becomes captured. ”

I understand that Mythic is trying to encourage zone flips and not the crazy keep flipping that had been hapening a lot. But still, I have to compalin about this because it makes the road from Lv 33 to Lv 40 just that much harder… Ofcause its not going to effect the people who had reached Lv 40. But for those who are making their ways to Lv 40 (like myself) might find this a bit upsetting.

The truth is, this might make T4 a even more PvE grind fest… Which is something that I just don’t want to do… (that’s the reason why I have only leveled any character to Lv33 due to the rediculous grind fest for T4, and since I have leveled up through SCs only, it is a bit fustrating…)

By the way, can we more or less control the AoE DPS that Choppas are putting out? I mean, come on Mythic! You have limited the AoE damage for BW and Sourcers, why not Choppas? please? (wait, I think they did something,  “Lotsa Choppin’: This ability is now a conical area of effect ability.”, but what about if there are 5 Choppas chopping at me?)

PS: I have continued my subscription to WAR, and I have decided to move away from oRvR servers, and starting brand new (yet again) in the only RP server. Oh, and I am starting up an AM, so hopefully the changes that Mythic is thinking about doing will come true!

PPS: “Khaine’s Bounty: This Tactic will now no longer trigger off heal over time effects. ” =(

S.T. out.

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