Attacks of the “No Named”


A few days ago I received a quite disturbing image that one of my friend send to me.


To be open about it, my friend and I are both gay (homosexuals). And I felt bad for him to have to encounter this kind of behavior. Now thinking about it even more, I remembered a few fellow bloggers talked about the mean comments that players would give to one another with the protection of being anonymous.

But what can one say in this situation?

Yes, my friend did not wear any armors in an attempt to try to collect as many naked titles as he can in the ToK. I understand that these two players did not even asked my friend to at least dress his character with armor.

Because my friend’s policy of playing naked in SCs is that he will always keep a up to date armor set in his inventory and he will wear it upon requests. He also mentioned that the SC he was in wasn’t really a good one, and he was the only healer, even though he was the top healer in the SC, Order side still lost the SC due to lack of healing and lack of tanks.

Did he report them? Yes and No, it was the first time he had ever encountered such verbal abuse that he was soo mad that he wrote the report right away, and because it was his fist time ever reporting, he did not know that only one player’s name can be used at a time. So once it fail due to the incorrect input of names, his anger wasn’t as bad as it used to and he decided to drop it.


Are the naked titles that Mythic had put in become an issue to those who tries to collect the titles?

Have you encounter similar situations?

What should a person do in a situation like that?

S.T. out

One Response

  1. I have only tried “Talked to X citizens while unarmored”, but apart from a few /laughs there wasn’t anything. I would definitely report people like these for abusive language.

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