Weekend links (catch up edition)


Since I haven’t blog for a while, I need to do some little catchup with the weekend links!

So here we go!

Um… just incase you didn’t read it Mark Jacob’ State of the Game

with respond, Tulane at Incoming Pull also posted Tulane’s state of the game

also from Incoming Pull, Tulane talkeda bout the meaning of cutting down the servers in I have a “niche” to scratch

By Josh from Casual WAR, he talked about what might be wrong with WAR in An unpleasant Trend (I haven’t give up just yet!)

Wizards and Wenches posted the WAR Dev Chat in detail, there is a high light summary also avaiable.

Thulf’s at Stunty Stomper tried out a pretty cool concept Thulf the Quest Giver (you know what? WAR might benefit from this kind of activity if they make it offical, hint, hint.)

with the new Crafting systems, comes the new addons, Ainilmome talked about Tradeskills Addons that Rock my Sock over at Obessive Focus.

S.T. out.

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