S.T. is back~~



Hopefully many of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting for about two weeks.

The truth is, I sort of canceled WAR for the moment…

Looking back,  I have been playing WAR since its launch and I didn’t even have a LV40 character due to the fact that its very hard to level up in T4 with just oRvR along. And grinding PvE content really isn’t what I want to do.

So for the moment the subscribtion is canceled.

But don’t worry too much, I might subscribe back and keep playing WAR.

For now, I am a little bit distracted by Battle Forge, a Card game style RTS game that was developed by the creator of “the Settlers”, and “Spell Force”. (Gosh, the Settlers! I love the second one, its like my childhood game!)

Anyways, by Canceling the subscription to WAR doesn’t mean that I am going to stop blogging. I will still keep writing my thoughts about WAR in the coming days.

So stay tuned!

S.T. out.

2 Responses

  1. Good luck with BattleForge, I actually liked the beta 🙂

    • I am still deciding if I want to pay for it or not yet, its a whopping $50 to get it… and so far I liked the concept of the game, but not sure if its worth $50, but I might give in =)

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