EA’s attempt to make WAR the next big thing.


So, if you have been surfing the web, you might have noticed the WAR advertising. Its everywhere I go! Maybe that kind of shows that I only go to gaming related websites…
But no! Even facebook have WAR advertisement. Go EA!

With the recent 1.2 patch, EA (Mythic?) might have realized the importance of letting people know about the game. And here lets, look at what EA (mythic) had done for WAR in the PR department.

Before WAR was launched,

Mythic did a very good job of keeping the developers staying connected with the players and the Warhammer community. The hype for WAR was something that Mythic can be very proud of. The majority of the gaming websites had reports of WAR, many WAR specific blogs were born even before the game was launched, and the production videos were just something brilliant (with the creation of stardom status for the lead WAR developers)

Right after WAR was launched,

EA have used various websites to launch the pretty cool campaign that in some way did not live up to the hype of WAR during pre-launch period. The most they have done was the website advertising.

The mysterious postcards for Night of Murder (Patch 1.1 if I remember right)

Mythic had created a unique way to reach out to the community by using the mysterious valentine cards to stir up the community. This way of campaigning was successful and made the blog community wanted more. Also WAR got the free advertising from the bloggers, but at the same time it was also skeptical as of whom the target audience were, people who would read the WAR blogs are most probably WAR fans already, so it did not in a large way our reached to the gamers that had not heard of WAR.

The not so mysterious Packages for Patch 1.2

Again, Mythic send out the Packages hinting at the announcement of the Slayers and Choppas, unlike the Night of Murder cards, its very much a no-brainer for people to figure out what these packages means. And Of course these packages were meant to make the already WAR players excited instead of reaching out to the non-WAR players.

The massive Ad campaign for Patch 1.2 (I think its one week after 1.2 was launched.)

Now we are talking about the real deal, a massive Ad campaign for WAR. Not only does these ads appears in gaming sites, it also appears in any websites, which is a good way to reach out to the non-WAR players.

Besides these events, EA also tried very hard to promote WAR and their other games by offering exclusive items for buying other EA titles, such as C&C 3, and Battle Forge.

What does it mean for WAR?

The more PR for WAR, in theory should be better for WAR, in a way that is how things get around the world and make people want to play the game.

But there are things that WAR needs to pay attentions to, since WAR is EA’s bet to become the second MMORPG hit since WoW, it needs more polish and more elements to be incorporated, the WAR community had been brainstorming of how to make WAR even better, and of course these ideas won’t happened right away, but these are needed right away.

Yes, many people had been defending WAR since launch saying that a game does not mature after the first year since launch (for example, WoW did not turn out to be as polish as it was when it first launched, remember the confusion of finding the lovely quest objects without the shining lights?). And I agree, look how WAR had changed since launched! But at the same time we as players also have to remember, WoW started back in 2005 which means it had almost a 4 years head start, if WAR really want to compete for the game quality of WoW, what they had done the past 6 months might not be enough.


For WAR to survive it not only needs the large ad campaigns but also needs the vast improvement of game play as soon as possible. Otherwise WAR might not be able to survive the MMORPG landscape.

S.T. out.

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