1.2 patch impression


So I have been playing 1.2 for a while. And yes, I have put up a summary which detailed the changes for the careers. But there are more changes made in patch 1.2. So I wanted to use this article to share a few ups and downs that I have encountered so far!

Things that I love:

Bright Wizards are not as bad as I thought they would be:

I am sure you have noticed that I am very disappointed with the whole no crit for DoTs and AoEs anymore. With further investigation, that isn’t really the case. Apparently only AoE DoT skills (Area of Effect Damage over time), like Rain of Fire and Shades of Doom, doesn’t have crit anymore. So yes, BW and Sorceress are nerffed, but not as bad as I thought they would be. Apologies Mythic. =)

The changes for Arcmage:
they got buffed quite a bit, and now I am enjoying playing one! Go Drain Magic!

The new crafting system:
I was playing around with the new crafting system and I love how they have changed the format of things! I am currently playing around with Cultivation and Apothecary.

First thing first, you can grow things with cultivation and now you are able to create seeds with the plants! (just control right click them) Its pretty cool! So you don’t have to get seeds from monsters anymore! And this new way of getting seeds also make you feel like you are breeding a new plant! Because every now and then you will be able to create a higher level seed from a lower level plant! Its pretty exciting!

As for Apothecary, its about the same, but since now potions effects will still persists after your death, it is wonderful to create potions that temporary increase your stats! I am pretty sure those potions are going to be very popular, and on top of that there are something called the hybrid potion! Which sounds just wicked cool!

The new rally button:
If you are wondering what that new blue little war button is, it’s called the rally cry button. You will be transferred to the closest war camp when this button is shinning. I love it because I am able to transfer my character right from the starting area to the war camp, without running all the way!

Something I have noticed:

New Voice Acting:
I am not 100% sure about this (I always have Pandora running in the background…) But if I am correct. I believe that Mythic have added new voice over for the NPCs They now speak some thing different, of cause the old ones are still in the mix. For example, I think now the NPCs will say things like “I need your help” “This is the task” When you click on the quests conversations. And I have noticed that a few NPCs now will talk things that is more relevant to their position, like the Merchants would say things like “bring your gold!” And stuff. I think I will look around and see if there are new voice overs being done to double check this! (when WAR first came out a lot of people spend the time to record the voice over)
Things I don’t like:

Twisting tower Scenario:
Yes, it’s the new Scenario that is being incorporated with the Bitter Rival Live event. Its an interesting take on a new Scenario, a fresh environment and a mechanic that resembles Khaine’s Embrace. But there are one or two things that make this Scenario a bit annoying.

First of all, because of the stunning visual effects that was put in to this new SC. Lagging is something happens like crazy. What makes it lag is also the fact that Mythic let about 24 people on each side to join the SC thus creating a pretty laggy environment.

Second, it’s a very confusing SC if you are playing the first time. Especially for Order players, the objective is to capture two objectives that is at the bottom of the tower and once captured both objectives then you will have to interact with the artifact that will show up at the top of the tower once you have interact with the artifact a big boom will happen just like Khaine’s Embrace.

What is making it confusing you would ask. At least for Order players, once you entered the Spawn area, you will see a door way right in front of you which will lead you to the top of the tower, and from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower is about an minute run. (I am guessing that destruction players are transported to the bottom of the tower if they just run into the doorway that is right in front of them. If I am wrong let me know.)

Of cause that doesn’t sound like a problem, but in fact there is a second door way that is hidden to the left of the spawn point, and the important part is that semi-hidden doorway leads you to the bottom of the tower which is about 10 seconds away from the objectives. Do you see where I am going?

It is very frustrating to play this SC because a lot of times people doesn’t know that they should go to the left and access to the bottom of the tower that way. So a lot of times people just stays on top of the tower trying to figure out what the heck is going on! While destruction players are capturing the objectives.

Anyways, after seeing how this SC works, I have to say that it’s an interesting SC but its introduction kind of killed it. I mean come on! At least explain what we are suppose to do in the SC!

Oh well, I am guessing that people are now familiar with the SC so its probably not that bad. But I kind of zone out and didn’t que for it anymore.

Little bugs:
Like every major patch, one will not know what would happen in Live servers. 1.2 have issues, but these issues are being solved as we speak I believe. A few Scenarios are bugged a little, not as responsive as they used to be, Client stability was a big issue at the beginning but then they fixed it with a hot fix. One that annoys me is that I dies every now and then when I leave a SC for no reason. It had happened to me about 4 times now. Once the SC is finish and right after exciting the loading screen. My character just dies. Not a big deal but a bit bazzar.

Anyways. The followings are the first impressions of the other bloggers, hop over and see what is cooking with 1.2!

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Dont’s 1.2 Ups and Downs is a good read.
S.T. out.

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  1. Thanks again for the linkage, ST. I can’t wait for Bitter Rivals to be finished so I can select “Join All” in my scenario list without having to get rid of TT right after. Although I will miss all the slayer/choppa mobs in the ORVR zones.

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