Patch 1.2! Its here! And what is the difference?


So… As you are reading this post, I am sure you know that Patch 1.2 is being updated (will be/or may be its done!). And the notes for Patch 1.2 are released (the official notes). And Since I still have bunch of things to do for school. I decided to summarize the notes for you. (well, I feel guilty for not getting enough posts out!)

For complete lists go to the warhammer herald!

Syp at Waaagh also have a summary 10 things you should know about patch 1.2

Here we GO!

General Changes:

New Careers: Well not yet, but the release of Choppa and Slayer is just right at the corner!

Bitter Rivals Live event: Want to play Choppa or Slayer a week earlier? Here is your chance!

New Scenario: The Twisting Tower is temporary added!

Rallying Cry System: Well, want to get into the oRvR action? Click on it!

New Items: well more things for you to loot!

Improved Crafting system: For now, more potions for you to make. Plus, less ingredient needed and easier to get!

Easy Public Quests: Now its in all TIERS!

Improved Mail system: Well, sorry to say this, but Zmodmail is history and here comes the official one. (I still love zModMail though)

A new button: Well it seems like the open party button has its own place now!

Career Changes:
I am not going to mention anything about the bug fixes, but I am going to talk about my thoughts about the balance changes. If you don’t want to read the whole thing skip to the conclusion and see what is up with this patch!


Finally Drain magic now STEALS action points.
Better heals and shorter cast time for Blessing of Isha (the big heal)
Healing energy now have a higher initially heal and a shorter time for the HoT, which make it a better skill.
Shield of Saphery and Winds’ Protection now absorbs more damage.
Walk between worlds now have DOUBLED the detaunt time (20 seconds?) and the cool down is halved (30 seconds!) Good news for AM!

Well, good news! Overall Archmage is buffed in the new patch. The notable changes such as Drain Magic now steals action points, and Walk Between Worlds now have 2x the detaunt time is much needed! Now these two skills are finally matching up to the skills of a Shaman.

Bright Wizard:

Flame Shield, Flames of Rhuin have a damage increase but will not CRITICALLY HIT anymore.
Funnel Power, Lingering Fires, Playing With Fire, and Rain of Fire will not CRITICALLY HIT anymore.
Pyroclastic Surge will now disorient the target 50% for 3 seconds instead of disable the target.

Ouch! Another nerf bat! No more CRITICAL HITS! Wow… just wow… Well, o.k. a few skills have increased damage and will be effected by the stats, but really? No more Crit for Rain of Fire? Ouch…

Black Guard:

Brutal Smash now DISOREIENT the target by 50%.
Exile’s knock back distance is now affected by Hatred.
None Shall Pass will not critically hit and will not receive benefits from stats.
Shield of Rage now absorbs more damage
Taunt skills will not force player pets to change their target.

Not a lot of changes have been done for the Black Guard, the changes to Brutal Smash depends on the skills that are being used by the target. A few skills are nerfed down but not too major.

Black Orc:

Down Ya Go now deals more damage and will knock your target down for 3 seconds and cost no AP.
Da Toughest now grant less wounds and health.
Rock ‘Ard now absorb more damage.
Shut Yer Face now cost no AP
Skill Thumper now will no longer gain benefits from stats.
Wot Armor? Now have a fixed value armor debuff, and applies its maximum debuff value in one hit.

Most skills are buffed for the Black Orc except a few skills are nerfed a little. Most people will probably be more upset with the nerf for Da Toughest, but I think overall it’s a pretty good buff for the Black Orc.


Chosen have undergone major changes and the mastery points will be returned.
Auras will no longer aggro monsters that are not in combat.
Bane Shield will not critically hit and won’t benefit from stats, damage increased and deal spiritual damage.
Baneful Shielding is no longer a valid tactic.
Blast wave now reduces wounds instead of resistances.
Corrupting Horror is now free and disorient targets by 25%
Corrupting Retribution is now free and heal for slightly more
Corrupting Wrath is now free
Dire Shielding will now increase the duration of Bane Shield by 7 seconds.
Discordant Fluctuation/Instability/Turbulence are now free.
Dreadful Agony/Fear/Terror/ are now free.
Dreadful Terror now removes slightly more AP from the victims.
Hate from auras will now be credited to the individual group members instead of all to the chosen themselves.
Oppression now does not disorient target, instead it will now reduce incoming damage by 15% for 10 seconds.

I am not sure what to say, a lot of the skills now deals spiritual damage, does that mean stats doesn’t really mean a lot for the Chosen anymore? How does one increase its spiritual damage? Do they now have to concentrate on the Intelligence stat? I have no idea. Should look around and see what other Chosen Players says. I am guessing its quite a nerf for the Chosen especially in PvE, where they will have harder time to keep the aggro of the mobs on them.

Disciple of Khaine:

Khaine’s Bounty and Soul Shielding now absorb more damage.
Restore Essence now heal slightly more initially and heal less over 5 seconds.

Not a lot of changes been done, except a few Covenants now deals spiritual damage and will not critically hit. Shields are buffed a bit.

Concussive Mine now disorient the targets by 50%
Rune of Forging now absorb more damage.

Not much change, just a few little tweaks to the career.

Iron Breaker:

Iron Breakers have undergone major changes, all mastery points are returned.
Gromril Plating now absorbs more damage
Runic Shield now absorb more damage
Stone Breaker now caused a flat value of armor debuff.

I am not sure where the big changes are (well I haven’t play an IB yet). But it seems that IB got a little buff.

Knight of The Blazing Sun

All Commands will no longer aggro monsters that are not already in combat.
All commands are no free.
Shield of the Sun will no longer prevent each other from dealing damage to the same target if multiple knights with this ability up.
Shining Blade will not disorient the target and now reduce incoming damage by 15% for 10 seconds.

Just like the Chosen, KOTBS are nerfed for its PvE capabilities. Other then that I don’t see any major changes.


Infernal Pain will not benefits from stats but damage is increased.
Perils of the Warp will not critically hit nor will it benefit from stats.

Feels like Magus have been nerfed a little. But nothing major I guess.


Cutting Claw now debuff armors in a flat value instead of percentages.
Insane Whispers will now cause a 50% Disoriented for 5 seconds (tactic)
Terrible Embrace cast time reduce to 1 second, cool down time increase to 30 seconds, it will be able to cast while moving and its cost is reduced.
Thundering Blow now cause a 50% disorienting.
Touch of Instability/Rot will not critically hit and will not benefits from stats.

Marauders are nerfed a little. Again not a lot of changes have been done.

Rune Priest:

Ancestor’s Echo and Rune of Shielding will now absorb more damage.
Blessing of Valaya will now cast faster and heal more.
Rune of Mending will now heal more initially and less over 5 seconds.

Nothing to say here. Buffed a little but its across all healer archetype.

Squig Herder:

Dismounting will now grant Squig herder a brief “Heel” buff that allows instant cast of pets.
Squig Armor now cast instantly, but its reuse time has been reduced. (cool down time increase?)
Tastes like Chicken is no longer dependent on the pet’s health at the time of the sacrifice.

A slightly buff for the SH. Nothing major but a few cool things for them.

Chilling Gust will not benefit from stats and will not be critically hit.
Daemonic Chill will not receive benefits from stat nor will it do critical damage.
Shades of Death will no longer receive benefits from stats and will not critically hit.

Nerfed. But I guess not as bad as the BW, still I am not sure about the whole not able to critical hit with AoE skills.

Shadow Warrior

Eye Shot can now be used while moving.
Fell the Weak is now instant cast but cost more AP.

Buffed a little but nothing major.


Don’ Feel Nuthin now absorbs more damage.
Gather Round will now cast faster and heal more.
Gork’ll Fix it now heal slightly more initially but less over 5 seconds.
Yer Not so Bad is now instant casts

Small buff for the Shaman, Yer Not so Bad is now instant which is nice, other changes are pretty general.


Crashing Wave now deals more damage and now make you and your group briefly immune to disabling effects.
Dazzling Strike is now a lv12 skill and will now disorient the target by 50%
Gusting Wind now has a larger AoE and now it cost AP.
Impeccable Reactions now grant you a free parry when evern you parry, but can only be triggered every 5 seconds.
Intimidating Blow is now a lv35 skill
Whispering Wind now reduces cooldown times for you and your group.

I will say it’s a few buff for the SWs, a few skills are now higher level skills but consider with the other buffs I think that’s pretty balanced.

Warrior Priest:

Divine Aid now heal more initially and less over 5 seconds.
Divine Light will now absorb more damage.
Touch of the Divine will now cast faster and heal more.

A little buff here and there, just like all other healers, pretty general.

White Lion:

Blindsided now applies a 50% disorienting for 10 seconds.
Fetch’s range is now 65 feet, and its cost is reduced, the cool down is now 30 seconds.
Dismounting will now grant White lions a buff to instantly summon their pets.
Tearing Blad will no longer stack and will not deal critical damage.

Nerfed a little, fetch is not going to happen all the time now, which is good news for destructions.

Witch Elf:

Enfeebling Strike will no longer benefit from stats nor will it critically hit.
Kiss of Agony/Betrayal/Death will no longer gain benefit from stats and nor will it critically hit.
Kisses will no longer be able to activate off a thrown dagger
Pierce Armor now does not provide armor debuff instead it provide a buff in weapon skills.
Sacrifices Rewarded now absorbs more damage.
Shadow’s Aegis (tactic) now give the player a damage absorption shield whenever they leave Shadow Prowler.
Sharpened Edge will no longer critically hit nor benefit from stats.
Treacherous Assault, and Vehement Blades will no longer critically hit nor benefit from stats (reduced stats benefits?)
Witch Brew will no longer critically hit or gain benefit from stats.

Well, Witch Elfs are nerfed… The kisses mechanic is changed quite a bit. If you play a WE you should look into its tactics, it seems that even though the skills are nerfed the tactics are more or less buffed a little bit.

Witch Hunter:

Burn Armor will not benefit from stats.
Absolution will now gain bonus from Strength instead of Ballistic skill.
Blessed Bullets of Confession/Purity/Cleansing will no longer critically hit and will not benefit from stats, all damage is now spiritual damage.
Confess will no longer be defended if the damage was not defended against.
Dragon Gun will now gain bonus damage from Strength instead of Ballistic skill.
Encourage Confession (tactic) will give blessed bullets a 5% chance to critically hit.
Exit Wound now gain bonus damage from Strength instead of Ballistic Skill.
Protection from Heresy (tactic) will now give the player a damage absorption shield when they leave incognito.
Sudden Accusation will no longer critically hit and will not benefit from stats.

What a buff! Witch Hunters now only have to concentrate on Strength and doesn’t need to worry about Ballistic skill anymore. It received a little nerf but over all its good news for the WHs… well bad news for Destruction.


Dark Medicine now heal more initially and less over 5 seconds.
Dust of Pandemonium now cast faster and heal more.
Ritual of Superiority now absorbs more damage.
Tzeentch’s Shielding now absorbs more damage.

Buffed a little, more than RPs. Other than that nothing changed.


All Healers got buffed a bit.
A lot of the damage is now considered spiritual damage.

Witch Hunter is now comparable with Which Elf (is that true?)

Chosen and The Knight of the Blazing Sun now needs to learn a new way to manage MoB Aggro in PvE.

No more CRITICAL HITS for DoTs and AoEs!

What does stats mean now? (Soo many skills are not affected by it anymore and the change from one type of damage to spiritual damage means?)

Fun for the pets! (the dismount buff is a pretty cool idea!)

The new age of less damage and more heals! (limited Crits with larger heals)

Bright Wizards and Sorceress… What are you now? Glass knife or just plain Glass?

What do you think about this Patch? Do you like it? Or Hate it?

S.T. out.

PS: Sorry if the parts for the career change kind of started out quite energetic and suddenlty went into a robotic tone… this lists did take me about two hours, so please forgive the robotic tone. =D

5 Responses

  1. Great summary, you’ve saved me a lot of time… I guess it’s not too comforting since you’ve spent two hours on it, but thanks anyway 🙂

    • glad you like it. Its no big deal. I actually enjoy reading through the notes and try to figure out what is really going on (haven’t done that since Guild Wars >_<)! Wish Mythic will change they way they list the balance changes though. It felt a bit strange reading a few of the changes.

  2. Some nice changes, but I cant help but feel Shadow Warrior is getting the worst end of the stick all the time. Our inability to compete against Squig Herders (Plink being a nightmare) our lack of mobility in Skirmish, lower damage and less dot’s than BW’s with less utility than a close quarter brawler (going to be worse when Choppa and Slayer are launched) :’-(

  3. Have to agree with Kazuki here, the SW do seem to be disliked by mythic. The WHs will not be so obsolete anymore, which is a great thing. it does leave me with the question why WH need ballistic skill now, other than pistol shot.

    I must thank you for the time you took for this aswell 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Thanks for the nice summery. I love the changes on my Archmage, i am 31/31 and i can really see the diff in game play today.

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