The Honest Scrap award. (THANK YOU!)



So, the Honest Scrap award had laneded in the WAR blogsphere this past week, and I am excited to recieve this award from Dont’s Blame the Healer. Thanks mate!

So what is it about?

  1. When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real.
  2. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  3. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on

I (S.T.) Nominates:

Archmagery – Thade is a brilliant writer, even though he had stop playing WAR and blogging for quite a while due to real life situations, but Archmagery was the blog that introduced me to the WAR universe and it provided me the idea to blog for WAR. (GO For Science!)

Stylish Corpse – Ysharros writes about MMO is general, the posts are amazing and I read them with a deep throught afterwards.

Obsessive Focus – Its always fun to read Ainilome’s posts, they are personal and fun to read!

Spank the Tank – How can you ignore the name? Mike and Meteorfall are one of a kind crazy bloggers (with different styles! =P) , but I enjoy their writing!

Alt Much? – People with Altoholic attracts each other, so one thing that I do is looking for more bloggers with Altoholism. Good reads.

Casual WAR – Its always nice to hear from casual players so that it reminds you how hard-core you are, and suddenly remembered that you have a life to maintain!

Echos of Nonesense – A blog that I just discovered recently, its written by Ardy whom plays WAR, and CoH. Its a pretty good read!

10 honest things about myself

  1. I am gay (incase you don’t know) living in a very conservitive Chinese Christian family.
  2. WAR become a heaven for me last semester when I came out of the closet to my family.
  3. I fall into depression last semester and was not able to graduate from college on time.
  4. I have a sister who goes to Harvard.
  5. I was born in the U.S. and lived in Taiwan for 12 years.
  6. I speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  7. When I was in Taiwan, I get D for my Math classes, but once I came to the U.S. I am a A Math student. I kind of break the stereotype where Asians are always good at math. (because I can not understand classes beyond Trigonometry, trust me I had tried.)
  8. I am majoring in Graphic Design (Typography is my thing)
  9. I only play female characters in MMORPG. (because I can think of good female character names, and have trouble name a male character.)
  10. My dream job is to work for a famous magazine publishing house. (but that dream was crushed recently due to the U.S. economy recession.)

S.T. out.


Attacks of the “No Named”


A few days ago I received a quite disturbing image that one of my friend send to me.


To be open about it, my friend and I are both gay (homosexuals). And I felt bad for him to have to encounter this kind of behavior. Now thinking about it even more, I remembered a few fellow bloggers talked about the mean comments that players would give to one another with the protection of being anonymous.

But what can one say in this situation?

Yes, my friend did not wear any armors in an attempt to try to collect as many naked titles as he can in the ToK. I understand that these two players did not even asked my friend to at least dress his character with armor.

Because my friend’s policy of playing naked in SCs is that he will always keep a up to date armor set in his inventory and he will wear it upon requests. He also mentioned that the SC he was in wasn’t really a good one, and he was the only healer, even though he was the top healer in the SC, Order side still lost the SC due to lack of healing and lack of tanks.

Did he report them? Yes and No, it was the first time he had ever encountered such verbal abuse that he was soo mad that he wrote the report right away, and because it was his fist time ever reporting, he did not know that only one player’s name can be used at a time. So once it fail due to the incorrect input of names, his anger wasn’t as bad as it used to and he decided to drop it.


Are the naked titles that Mythic had put in become an issue to those who tries to collect the titles?

Have you encounter similar situations?

What should a person do in a situation like that?

S.T. out

Weekend links (catch up edition)


Since I haven’t blog for a while, I need to do some little catchup with the weekend links!

So here we go!

Um… just incase you didn’t read it Mark Jacob’ State of the Game

with respond, Tulane at Incoming Pull also posted Tulane’s state of the game

also from Incoming Pull, Tulane talkeda bout the meaning of cutting down the servers in I have a “niche” to scratch

By Josh from Casual WAR, he talked about what might be wrong with WAR in An unpleasant Trend (I haven’t give up just yet!)

Wizards and Wenches posted the WAR Dev Chat in detail, there is a high light summary also avaiable.

Thulf’s at Stunty Stomper tried out a pretty cool concept Thulf the Quest Giver (you know what? WAR might benefit from this kind of activity if they make it offical, hint, hint.)

with the new Crafting systems, comes the new addons, Ainilmome talked about Tradeskills Addons that Rock my Sock over at Obessive Focus.

S.T. out.

EA’s attempt to make WAR the next big thing.


So, if you have been surfing the web, you might have noticed the WAR advertising. Its everywhere I go! Maybe that kind of shows that I only go to gaming related websites…
But no! Even facebook have WAR advertisement. Go EA!

With the recent 1.2 patch, EA (Mythic?) might have realized the importance of letting people know about the game. And here lets, look at what EA (mythic) had done for WAR in the PR department.

Before WAR was launched,

Mythic did a very good job of keeping the developers staying connected with the players and the Warhammer community. The hype for WAR was something that Mythic can be very proud of. The majority of the gaming websites had reports of WAR, many WAR specific blogs were born even before the game was launched, and the production videos were just something brilliant (with the creation of stardom status for the lead WAR developers)

Right after WAR was launched,

EA have used various websites to launch the pretty cool campaign that in some way did not live up to the hype of WAR during pre-launch period. The most they have done was the website advertising.

The mysterious postcards for Night of Murder (Patch 1.1 if I remember right)

Mythic had created a unique way to reach out to the community by using the mysterious valentine cards to stir up the community. This way of campaigning was successful and made the blog community wanted more. Also WAR got the free advertising from the bloggers, but at the same time it was also skeptical as of whom the target audience were, people who would read the WAR blogs are most probably WAR fans already, so it did not in a large way our reached to the gamers that had not heard of WAR.

The not so mysterious Packages for Patch 1.2

Again, Mythic send out the Packages hinting at the announcement of the Slayers and Choppas, unlike the Night of Murder cards, its very much a no-brainer for people to figure out what these packages means. And Of course these packages were meant to make the already WAR players excited instead of reaching out to the non-WAR players.

The massive Ad campaign for Patch 1.2 (I think its one week after 1.2 was launched.)

Now we are talking about the real deal, a massive Ad campaign for WAR. Not only does these ads appears in gaming sites, it also appears in any websites, which is a good way to reach out to the non-WAR players.

Besides these events, EA also tried very hard to promote WAR and their other games by offering exclusive items for buying other EA titles, such as C&C 3, and Battle Forge.

What does it mean for WAR?

The more PR for WAR, in theory should be better for WAR, in a way that is how things get around the world and make people want to play the game.

But there are things that WAR needs to pay attentions to, since WAR is EA’s bet to become the second MMORPG hit since WoW, it needs more polish and more elements to be incorporated, the WAR community had been brainstorming of how to make WAR even better, and of course these ideas won’t happened right away, but these are needed right away.

Yes, many people had been defending WAR since launch saying that a game does not mature after the first year since launch (for example, WoW did not turn out to be as polish as it was when it first launched, remember the confusion of finding the lovely quest objects without the shining lights?). And I agree, look how WAR had changed since launched! But at the same time we as players also have to remember, WoW started back in 2005 which means it had almost a 4 years head start, if WAR really want to compete for the game quality of WoW, what they had done the past 6 months might not be enough.


For WAR to survive it not only needs the large ad campaigns but also needs the vast improvement of game play as soon as possible. Otherwise WAR might not be able to survive the MMORPG landscape.

S.T. out.

S.T. is back~~



Hopefully many of you are wondering why I haven’t been posting for about two weeks.

The truth is, I sort of canceled WAR for the moment…

Looking back,  I have been playing WAR since its launch and I didn’t even have a LV40 character due to the fact that its very hard to level up in T4 with just oRvR along. And grinding PvE content really isn’t what I want to do.

So for the moment the subscribtion is canceled.

But don’t worry too much, I might subscribe back and keep playing WAR.

For now, I am a little bit distracted by Battle Forge, a Card game style RTS game that was developed by the creator of “the Settlers”, and “Spell Force”. (Gosh, the Settlers! I love the second one, its like my childhood game!)

Anyways, by Canceling the subscription to WAR doesn’t mean that I am going to stop blogging. I will still keep writing my thoughts about WAR in the coming days.

So stay tuned!

S.T. out.

the week before springbreak.


Well, tis the week before springbreak. And that means porjects deadlines!

So I will not be able to post for the week. Sorry Guys =(

But I will start writing once the lovely friday hits!

See you soon!

S.T. out.

1.2 patch impression


So I have been playing 1.2 for a while. And yes, I have put up a summary which detailed the changes for the careers. But there are more changes made in patch 1.2. So I wanted to use this article to share a few ups and downs that I have encountered so far!

Things that I love:

Bright Wizards are not as bad as I thought they would be:

I am sure you have noticed that I am very disappointed with the whole no crit for DoTs and AoEs anymore. With further investigation, that isn’t really the case. Apparently only AoE DoT skills (Area of Effect Damage over time), like Rain of Fire and Shades of Doom, doesn’t have crit anymore. So yes, BW and Sorceress are nerffed, but not as bad as I thought they would be. Apologies Mythic. =)

The changes for Arcmage:
they got buffed quite a bit, and now I am enjoying playing one! Go Drain Magic!

The new crafting system:
I was playing around with the new crafting system and I love how they have changed the format of things! I am currently playing around with Cultivation and Apothecary.

First thing first, you can grow things with cultivation and now you are able to create seeds with the plants! (just control right click them) Its pretty cool! So you don’t have to get seeds from monsters anymore! And this new way of getting seeds also make you feel like you are breeding a new plant! Because every now and then you will be able to create a higher level seed from a lower level plant! Its pretty exciting!

As for Apothecary, its about the same, but since now potions effects will still persists after your death, it is wonderful to create potions that temporary increase your stats! I am pretty sure those potions are going to be very popular, and on top of that there are something called the hybrid potion! Which sounds just wicked cool!

The new rally button:
If you are wondering what that new blue little war button is, it’s called the rally cry button. You will be transferred to the closest war camp when this button is shinning. I love it because I am able to transfer my character right from the starting area to the war camp, without running all the way!

Something I have noticed:

New Voice Acting:
I am not 100% sure about this (I always have Pandora running in the background…) But if I am correct. I believe that Mythic have added new voice over for the NPCs They now speak some thing different, of cause the old ones are still in the mix. For example, I think now the NPCs will say things like “I need your help” “This is the task” When you click on the quests conversations. And I have noticed that a few NPCs now will talk things that is more relevant to their position, like the Merchants would say things like “bring your gold!” And stuff. I think I will look around and see if there are new voice overs being done to double check this! (when WAR first came out a lot of people spend the time to record the voice over)
Things I don’t like:

Twisting tower Scenario:
Yes, it’s the new Scenario that is being incorporated with the Bitter Rival Live event. Its an interesting take on a new Scenario, a fresh environment and a mechanic that resembles Khaine’s Embrace. But there are one or two things that make this Scenario a bit annoying.

First of all, because of the stunning visual effects that was put in to this new SC. Lagging is something happens like crazy. What makes it lag is also the fact that Mythic let about 24 people on each side to join the SC thus creating a pretty laggy environment.

Second, it’s a very confusing SC if you are playing the first time. Especially for Order players, the objective is to capture two objectives that is at the bottom of the tower and once captured both objectives then you will have to interact with the artifact that will show up at the top of the tower once you have interact with the artifact a big boom will happen just like Khaine’s Embrace.

What is making it confusing you would ask. At least for Order players, once you entered the Spawn area, you will see a door way right in front of you which will lead you to the top of the tower, and from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower is about an minute run. (I am guessing that destruction players are transported to the bottom of the tower if they just run into the doorway that is right in front of them. If I am wrong let me know.)

Of cause that doesn’t sound like a problem, but in fact there is a second door way that is hidden to the left of the spawn point, and the important part is that semi-hidden doorway leads you to the bottom of the tower which is about 10 seconds away from the objectives. Do you see where I am going?

It is very frustrating to play this SC because a lot of times people doesn’t know that they should go to the left and access to the bottom of the tower that way. So a lot of times people just stays on top of the tower trying to figure out what the heck is going on! While destruction players are capturing the objectives.

Anyways, after seeing how this SC works, I have to say that it’s an interesting SC but its introduction kind of killed it. I mean come on! At least explain what we are suppose to do in the SC!

Oh well, I am guessing that people are now familiar with the SC so its probably not that bad. But I kind of zone out and didn’t que for it anymore.

Little bugs:
Like every major patch, one will not know what would happen in Live servers. 1.2 have issues, but these issues are being solved as we speak I believe. A few Scenarios are bugged a little, not as responsive as they used to be, Client stability was a big issue at the beginning but then they fixed it with a hot fix. One that annoys me is that I dies every now and then when I leave a SC for no reason. It had happened to me about 4 times now. Once the SC is finish and right after exciting the loading screen. My character just dies. Not a big deal but a bit bazzar.

Anyways. The followings are the first impressions of the other bloggers, hop over and see what is cooking with 1.2!

A Walking Box of Steel from The Casual WAR

Syp’s Bitter Rivals Day One PvMe

Thulf over at Stunty Stomper talked about Rare hybrid Potions

Mike at Spank the Tank have the following article: Mike’s Quest for power; Bitter Rival and stupid allies

Patch Day Problems and 1.2 Impressions by Jennifer at Girl IRL

Miss Vinda Loo has her thoughts on 1.2 Musings, Zealot Related

Dont’s 1.2 Ups and Downs is a good read.
S.T. out.