So… What is up with Main Assist?


Well, in the 1.0 Patch, a new function was created so that players will be able to coordinate in PvE and RvR as a group. And this function is called “Main Assist”

How it works is that the leader of a group or war-band automatically has the right of Main Assist where other group mates will assist the leader. The leader can give the right of main assist to others as he/she sees fit.

I know that it is used quite a lot in PvE because it is easier to use in PvE, but how about RvR? The main focus of WAR?

I am not 100% sure how it is used in Keep takes. But I am pretty sure that no one uses it in SCs.

Why? Because no one really cares!

When you are in a SC, you will have to claim right to Main Assist. Which is something that is easily missed if a player wasn’t thinking about the usefulness of main assist.

Every time I saw the Main Assist button showing green, I will click on it in battle but I have never acquired a target no matter what I do. So I am not sure if the MA button works in SCs or not, at least I tried, and after a while it just sliped my mind and I pretend to ignore it.

I mean, really, in SCs it doesn’t really matter if you have the MA button or not. But with a pre-made group, (I am pretty sure) they uses it very effectively, because I have been killed from full health in 2 seconds before by 3 to 4 players.

I was in a SC the other day, and there were about 5 Bright Wizards. One of the player said that all the BW should focus fire on one target. And he started to type out the names of the target. I followed because I know how easy it is to kill a player if all the DPS focus fire on one person, but I am the only one that followed, even worst the person who is calling out target is changing his target quite fast, and in a hectic battle he/she sometimes called the wrong target.

Then I suddenly missed how in Guild Wars, anyone could call out a target, and once a target is called, the name of the target will be displayed on the chat window (you don’t have to type!) and finally the teammates will be able to push F1 to acquire the target. Its that easy! And everyone can call out the target, not just the team leader (I mean at least in PuG everyone calls targets, in a Pre-Made the tanks usually are the once that call targets).

Would it work a lot better if WAR has a system like that? The answer to that is… At least in my mind, it probably will work a lot better than the current Main Assist system.

What do you think? What is your experience with the MA system?

S.T. out.

3 Responses

  1. When I read the title, I thought of “Guild Wars” immediately. I agree with you, that would be a way better solution than the current one.

  2. Some peple have suggested that the main assist button is bugged for scenario use, and that you should only use a macro that you write for yourself. Personally, I don’t know and haven’t tested that theory nearly enough to confirm or deny it.

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