S.T.’s Seven Favorites


Since Syp have asked about what our seven favorites are, I am going to write about it today.

PS: I kind of separate some of the category into Tiers or Realms.

Favorite Zone:

The inevitable City (does that count? I think so)

I loved the Inevitable City! Its like a land where most of my favorite stuff is in it! The moving eyes, the flying blue demons, and the ghoasts running around! And ocationally with a murderous monster running around killing everyone is his path, not to mention the Lord of Change (The big monster that appeared at the end of the opening cinema for WAR).

Favorite Race:

Order: The Empire

Well, Why not? They are humans! Not the normal kind but the ones that are pretty crazy on my book! Have you seen their hairs lately? That is just totally wicked!

Destruction: The Greenskins

Yes, they are ugly but really, how can you not say “aww~~~” after hearing what they have to say! Their whole life is like a comic book! Plus, those little goblins are like… SO CUTE! (of cause if you choose the right face and stuff, they look adorable!)

Favorite Career:

Order: The Bright Wizard

I just can’t resist the idea that you have living fire in you! Come on! You can breathe FIRE! I wish had that ability so that I would be the most poplar person in Camping situations! (Well I would try to stay away from the forest through, don’t want them wild fire, if you know what I mean.)

Destruction: The Magus

Sorry Sorceress, I have to go with Magus this time around. I just love that disk! And it changes with you while leveling up! Plus I think the Magus have the most wicked armor sets in the game, their helmet is like the coolest!

Favorite WAR Feature:

For PvE: The public Quests

The PQ system is just fun to play! Its stories that you can kind of relate to and it gives me the feeling that I am in a movie or something, hopefully you know what I mean.

For PvP: Scenarios

Yup, that’s right, Scenarios, I love the fact that you can queue to a Scenario anywhere in the world, and plus it’s a good way to level up! (DO THE RVR ONLY CHALLEGE!)

Favorite Skill:

Another hard one… I have played so many careers but I was not able to test them all out. (since I don’t have a lv40 character) For now I have to go with the Master rune/Ritual skills. I just love the concept of it, even though its not very powerful, and it only effects your group members (I thought it effects all allies, but I guess I was wrong). I just love how the skills work!

Favorite Scenario:

T1: Nordenwatch

Nordenwatch is the ones that is easy for people to understand the objectives and it’s the one that hit and run will work, plus, I think this is the one SC where all the careers have to work together to really achieve the victory.

T2: Mourkain Temple

Mourkain Temple is fast and easy, just go and kill and one more thing, keep that artifact as long as you can! Compare to other two SCs in T2 Mourkain Temple is the most entertaining SC out of the three.

T3: High Pass Cemetery

High Pass Cemetery is a new and improve Khaine’s Embrace. It is fun to play because at this point you have the skills to be able to really do some damage and the speed of things turning around is just fun! The map isn’t too large so you don’t really have to run around trying to get the capture points, plus you are in a CEMETERY! Oh, and those ghostly giants are pretty cool to look at!

T4: None at the moment.

I have played most of the T4 Scenarios surprisingly with a lv 32 and lv 33 characters, I guess I can’t really fully enjoy all the fun till I get a Lv 40 character because all the people in T4 just yells “Dude! You are like lv 30, go lv up first idiot!” and I guess the fact that most T4 that I played in my realm losses 80% of the time didn’t help much either. Is it really because of my low level? I don’t know, but I think I am going to get my Sorcerer to Lv 40 to see how T4 SCs really should have been like (oh the lack of healers is something that I don’t like either, every time I played Order have at least 4 healers on  their side v.s. destruction 0 or 1)

Favorite Live Events:

Night of Murder

So far, I have to make Night of Murder my favorite Live Event, because I just love how the event is build around the Dark Elf’s Death Night! And plus its really not that hard to grind out the influences, and you got to kill people like an assassin getting their assignments!

S.T. out.

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