WAR’s Best Career for RvR or PvP


“What career is the best to play for PvP?”

A line pop up in the Chat window when I was playing a T1 SC.

I looked at the line, and thought to myself, “ah, a new player!”

I was wondering if I should answer him but then since I was playing a Archmage, I was a bit busy healing people and was not able to answer him.

And this little question just kind of slipped through my mind until today, when I was looking at my blog status, google send me some traffic, and the key word used was “WAR best career for RvR”

I feel sorry for the person who came to my blog and was probably not satisfied by the content because there isn’t really any post telling him/her which career is the best career for RvR.

But then I started to think, why does people want to know which careers is the best career for RvR in WAR? I started to look back into the MMORPG history and realized that in a MMORPG with PvP content, there usually is one particular career being praised as the best profession for PvP.

So I went back and look at WAR and ask myself, “What is the best career to play RvR in WAR?”

And my answer was “Well, it depends what you want to play! There really isn’t a best career to play in the RvR landscape!”

Of cause there are careers that are more popular than others, but really, in WAR it all depends on if you like the career or not. Let it be a sword master or a black orc, a witch elf or a witch hunter. There isn’t really one particular career stands out in the RvR game play. No one career could really work all by itself in a oRvR situation or in any SCs, to tell you the truth, even in PvE it’s hard to solo!

Soloing in WAR is a pretty boring thing to do, and I think it sometimes frustrates some of the players who prefer solo play (including me) for PvE contents.

So if you stumble upon my blog with the question “Which career is the best for RvR in WAR?” Hopefully this little post have answered your question.

S.T. out.

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