What could be done about the Spies and Leechers?


We have all heard or seen the problems of spies and leachers. But what can we do about this?

Mythic have already put down a few hurdles for these activities to be a bit harder to acheieve, for example, you can only have choose one of the other realm (Order or Destruction) per account on a server. And later on they created the idle hand system in SCs and oRvR events to prevent leechers.

So what is the problem?

The problem is, some players have some extra skills (money?) under their belt. They are so dedicated that they will spend another $39 (or use the trial keys?) to create another account and become spies to monitor the war band movement of the enemy realm. How about leechers? Well, they apparently were able to create some kind of add-on or micro that will run their characters into a specific point and leach the EXP and RP.

So what could mythic do?

Well, I have been thinking about this and come out with an idea for both problems.

For the Leechers in SCs.

Why not create a report system for the players in a SC? This report system will tell the server that a particular character in the SC is not doing its job and need to be removed. Now you might ask how can we know if that report is real or not? Well, it can be done this way, the person have to be reported by at least half of the SC population (or the team). So its kind of like a voting system, where a group of people will vote out one particular person that is not doing its job (kind of like the elimination process in Survivor).

For the Spies in oRvR.

I have not experienced it but I have heard that these spies are, how should I put this, lowbies (low level characters). That is one of the reasons why people were able to spot the spies, but what angers them even more is that they can’t do a thing! My suggestions here is to have a level cap for the RvR lakes in each Tier, I mean, if they are able to put a level cap for max level, why not put a limit for the min level? O.k. yes, they turn high level people into chickens, but what we will need here is to transport the low levels back to the war camp once they have entered an RvR lake, so for example, if a lv 5 is trying to enter the RvR lake in a T4 zone, then they will be transported back to the nearest war camp of that zone. It doesn’t hurt does it? I mean, low level characters shouldn’t go to highly dangerous place anyways, so this way the spies problem could be taken care off for at least until the spy player really want to be a spy and leveled his/her character to the appropriate level.

So, what do you think? Do you think these suggestions could help? Or it might create more problems?

S.T. out.

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