Fun with Faeith and Yvaeine!


Well, as I said before I have noticed some little fun things with the T1 SCs. And here I will show you what I found.

Do you see it?

All these Griffon Battlemasters are the same person! (well Lets say they are all suppose to be the same person) I took all these screen shots of the same Griffon Battlemaster at different SC runs. And every time the Griffon Battlemasters are different, either it be its hair, face, or weapons!

Did you notice it when you play Nordenwatch?

I try to see if the guards changes in Gate of Ekmund and Khaine’s Embrace. But apparently they don’t…

So don’t forget to wave to these Griffon Battlemasters when you are in Nordenwatch!

What other little things have you discovered with all the SCs? Share with us!

PS: I haven’t investigate on the Destruction side yet, but I will once I get to it! Dark Crag have been FULL lately…

S.T. out.

3 Responses

  1. […] ha, Griffon Battlemasters in Nordenwatch change their appearance? I never noticed! Really, I barely look at them I’m baying for blood so much on starting a […]

  2. Interesting, I had never noticed that.

  3. I never noticed that they changed clothes but then again it took me about 10 runs through Nordenwatch to figure out why I was instant dying while trying to get into the Order camp (I play a Chosen). Level 55 Bright Wizards vs Level 6 Chosen … you do the math 😉 he he

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