WAR NYCC tournement report by WHA’s Ariwyn


Head over to Warhammer Alliance to read Ariwyn’s account for the tournament that happened during the NYCC!

After reading the account, I felt that the event was a bit under-developed. To tell you the truth, I felt that Mythic didn’t really spend quite a lot of effort into this event, but non the less, it happened! And this is the first step for a real WAR tournament!

Personally, I am all for the Tournament play, the SCs are perfect battlegrounds for PvPers to play as a tournament rotation map and such.

What would happened if it really happens?

What would happened if Mythic would put up a tournament server which is specifically designed for people to play SCs?

I think that would be fun! and ofcause it might not be what people want. But this sort of tournament game play have been around the game world for quite a while, especially in FPS games. I am not a person that enjoys FPS so I guess that is why when Guild Wars came out I was all over it! And now WAR provided a similar platform for people to play PvP which is why I joined the ranks of the WAR player.

Now I misses the tournament style game play, which is fast paced and fun. Yes SCs are fun in WAR, its past paced, but at the same time it is hard to find enough people to play, and its hard to enjoy the game if your team always loses.

But hey, SCs are not designed around for a Tournament play, so I guess its o.k.

It would be fun to see an extra option in WAR where you could create a LV40 PvP only Characters in SCs only! That would be really fun!

Anyways, as for SCs, Book of Grudges have posted an article about the idea of Cross server SCs (which I totally agree that it won’t work in anyways for WAR)  and Syp over at WAAAGH have some really nice ideas (improvements) for the SCs, LV40 playing Nordenwatch? YES PLEASE!

S.T. out.

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