S.T.’s Top 10 reasons to accept the RvR only Challenge!


It’s been a while since Syp had put out the RvR only Challenge, and quite a few people is doing this (including me). So I felt that its a good time to let more people to join the Challenge and have some fun! So I compiled a top ten list. Here we go.

S.T.’s  top 10 reasons to accept the RvR only Challenge!

10. To start an alt in a different way.

so… yeah, why not? Bored out of the PvE content of the first few chapters? As a altholic like me, I am sure bored out of the PvE things…. but since my love is for RvR, I am still not done with it yet! So if you haven’t level up a character through RvR yet, try it! It sure is a bit different!

9. Show Syp that you care about the challenge.

Yes, love is needed! Don’t just talk, do it! Show Syp your support!

8. Prove Mythic was right (wrong?) about Leveling through RvR.

We all have heard it, Mythic is quite proud of it too, they have claim that it is possible to level to lv40 through RvR only. Of cause it might take longer than PvE

7.To play at a different server, or a different realm

Tired of your current server? or maybe sick of the whole Order or Destruction thing? Why not jump to another server or switch sides?

6.To do something that makes you feel proud.

yes, if you actually made it to Lv40, its a big achievement! You should blog about it and stuff! so that you have the bragging rights! (don’t you wish that ToK will give you an achievement for this? you never know.)

5.To re-energize your WAR freshness.

Well, this applies to me… I have several of the characters that is under this challenge, and I have set up a support system where one character might got something that the other character needs, so its quite fun, and fresh at the same time, because I don’t have to play one character all the time!

4.To see your own strength.

I am not sure if you could put this into your resume but by completing this challenge is a way to show that you have something that others don’t. PATIENTS!

3.To see little things that you haven’t seen before.

So, I have been playing T1 SCs the past two days, and found some very interesting things about them, but for now I will keep my mouth shut, since it needs more investigations, it might be nothing, but one can’t be too sure. Right?

2.Give yourself a reason to play WAR!

Hm… do you need a reason to play WAR? If you do, try the RvR therapy it might help!


Yes, you heard right, and no, not the fruit juice NAKED. I mean… if you want. But seriously though, T1 is where you should let your Characters feel free and get away from all those burdens! And plus you have a legitimate reason too! Since you can’t get the PvE gears, your starting gears are like armor 1… Which is the same as taking it off (well o.k. -2 armor) plus you got to unlock those pretty cool little naked titles!

Do you have other thoughts on the  topic? What would be your reasons to accept the RvR only Challenge?

S.T. out

4 Responses

  1. I’ve been thinking about this challenge for quite awhile, and after I am done working a few of my current projects, I want to start up and RvR only guild. Maybe we can collaborate between blogs and such to come up with an RvR only guild, and maybe even a nemesis guild…

  2. That sounds like a good idea, but we do have to consider that some people are on the U.S. server(myself) and some are on the Europe server. If you want I can help you out with starting up the guild. And I am sure others will help too. =)

  3. Yeah, I am working on an email that I will send out to as many bloggers as I know so we can get this thing going. I am guessing in about a week or so I will send it out (been real busy lately). I didn’t think about the EU/US problem… thanks for bringing that up.

  4. […] S.T.’s Top 10 reasons to accept the RvR only Challenge! – If you are undecided about whether or not you should try out the RvR only challenge, check this […]

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