GOA The Chosen player interview reviewed. (my tonge!)


Over at GOA, a few articles have been posted that asks about a certain career of WAR. These interviews are very nice to read and if you want to know more about The Chosen, or The Rune Priest. Read them!

Nic from GOA have asked me what I think about the guide for The Chosen. So Here you go Nic.

Out of 10 it deserves a 8.5

At the beginning it has a quote that describe the lore of The Chosen. Which is very nice, for a person who is not a fan of the Warhammer universe until WAR online, it is pretty nice to read some back-stories of the careers. Not that I am not interested, but its easier if someone just give me the information. (you know. People are not all that pro-active)

The guide is not a normal guide in a sense that its written (or taken?) from several player sources who knows their job as a Chosen and have played Chosen due to their passion for the career. Which provides a lot of nice information for people who would like to roll a Chosen.

It points out its strength and maybe come out a bit too pro-chosen. The part where it mentions how one should fight the Chosen, it didn’t really give you anything… (well good for Destruction players and bad for Orders) At least it tells you that Magic isn’t the best way to kill a Chosen.

Further more, it is nice to see GOA having all these fun interviews with people who plays the Career! (I wonder how they pick whom to interview?)

If you want to know more about the Chosen and the Rune Priest, go read them. It’s pretty informational!

S.T. out

2 Responses

  1. Pro-Chosen? Never enough of that. Magic isn’t the best way to kill a Chosen though I have to disagree, a couple BW’s focusing on me is really a good way to kill me. Though solo, might not be a good idea.

  2. I guess what I was trying to say is that it sounded pretty pro-chosen. I mean if a person read that sentence they might be discouraged to use magic against a Chosen. (at least that’s the impression I got)

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