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So… After thinking about it… I have decided to add a new section on my blog call weekend links, and this will be posted every weekend either Fridays or Saturdays.

Let’s see what’s going on this week in the world of WAR bloggers!

More about the Patch 1.2 on the PTS!

The Garrison of WAR keeps giving us the new features about Patch 1.2! – Patch1.2 Server Findings – Part 3

Book of Grudges’ Spinks look at the Slayers in First look at the slayers (=P)

In turns, Thulf over at Stunty Stomper talked about the Choppa in I’ll chop yer head off!

The new Mounts in 1.2

So, the new mounts are coming!

Thulf reported the mounts for the Greenskins in PTS 1.2 Crafting, Mounts and more

Jennifer at Girls IRL reported the new mounts for Dark Elf – PTS Dark Elf Mounts

Tome of Knowledge reported the mounts for Empire and Dwarf in Hi Ho Silver, AWAY! – or Iron

Finally Bootae’s Bloody Blog reported the monts for Chaos – New Chaos Mounts

Want some heals? Dont at Blame the Healer presnts some tips in 5 ways of asking for heals with that said, Regis over at Wizards and Wenches had a response that you should read – Heal plz.

Praytell over at Ahh sh**! I left my axe at home! (long name!) talked about his point of view about the blanace of different careers – Argument on the Balance of Powers

Once again Snafzg at the Greenskins talked about the dim future of WAR, Heres hoping WAR doesn’t follow AoC. Now WAR fans… GET MORE FRIENDS TO PLAY!!!!

Wizards and Wenches also have a fun Captions this contests going on, go and join the fun!

Stylish Corpse’s Ysharros posted an article that is pretty interesting, hop over to A Large Step for CoX, an even bigger one for MMOs, and see for yourself!

So enjoy the links!

S.T. out.


WAR Pictures (screen shots?) of the day!


So I was looking at the screenshots that I have taken while playing WAR. And here is a few things that I would like to Share with you all.

Spot the Difference!

irisa_003 irisa_002

What is the difference between these two shots of Karaa? (besides the obvious background…)

Before and After!


LOVE the transitions! Go Twisted SlaughterHag. Good job! What not to wear!

Let’s Change Staffs!


So Apparently the Raven Battle Sorceror in Nordern Watch change their appearances too! Its just that its hard to tell because of the darn hat!

S.T. out.

So… What is up with Main Assist?


Well, in the 1.0 Patch, a new function was created so that players will be able to coordinate in PvE and RvR as a group. And this function is called “Main Assist”

How it works is that the leader of a group or war-band automatically has the right of Main Assist where other group mates will assist the leader. The leader can give the right of main assist to others as he/she sees fit.

I know that it is used quite a lot in PvE because it is easier to use in PvE, but how about RvR? The main focus of WAR?

I am not 100% sure how it is used in Keep takes. But I am pretty sure that no one uses it in SCs.

Why? Because no one really cares!

When you are in a SC, you will have to claim right to Main Assist. Which is something that is easily missed if a player wasn’t thinking about the usefulness of main assist.

Every time I saw the Main Assist button showing green, I will click on it in battle but I have never acquired a target no matter what I do. So I am not sure if the MA button works in SCs or not, at least I tried, and after a while it just sliped my mind and I pretend to ignore it.

I mean, really, in SCs it doesn’t really matter if you have the MA button or not. But with a pre-made group, (I am pretty sure) they uses it very effectively, because I have been killed from full health in 2 seconds before by 3 to 4 players.

I was in a SC the other day, and there were about 5 Bright Wizards. One of the player said that all the BW should focus fire on one target. And he started to type out the names of the target. I followed because I know how easy it is to kill a player if all the DPS focus fire on one person, but I am the only one that followed, even worst the person who is calling out target is changing his target quite fast, and in a hectic battle he/she sometimes called the wrong target.

Then I suddenly missed how in Guild Wars, anyone could call out a target, and once a target is called, the name of the target will be displayed on the chat window (you don’t have to type!) and finally the teammates will be able to push F1 to acquire the target. Its that easy! And everyone can call out the target, not just the team leader (I mean at least in PuG everyone calls targets, in a Pre-Made the tanks usually are the once that call targets).

Would it work a lot better if WAR has a system like that? The answer to that is… At least in my mind, it probably will work a lot better than the current Main Assist system.

What do you think? What is your experience with the MA system?

S.T. out.

Weekend Links


Sorry about the lack of blogging this past week. School work is just piled up and I am personally trying to get through the books that I have to read and projects that have to be done. And this is going to continue for the coming week… So I felt that I should put up a little weekend links before I start diving into the lovely world of reasearch papers and projects.

Here we go.

Last Chance for Romance (rant) – The GreenSkins posted an article about the current status of WAR – It does sounds a bit nagative but its something that Mythic should be aware of.

Patch 1.2.0  Test Server Findings Part1, Part2, – The Garrison of WAR have put up a really nice  preview of the Patch 1.2.0 that is now live at the Test Server.

Why Play WAR Over “That other game” – Book of Grudges have a guest writer Spacecowboy2071 disscussing the strenth and weaknesses of WAR and “that other game”.

Wizards & Wenches have put up Choppa’s Abilities, tactices and morale, hop over if you are going to play a choppa.

(Almost) Like a non-MMO Warhammer Spank tthe Tank’s Mike explored the world of Lord of the Rings: Conquest, if I remember right that is the new title for The lord of the rings franchise.

Tier 3 – Beware the 40s – Jennifer at Girl IRL posted an article about the oRvR server rule sets that might make you very frustrated in T3, so you should read it if you are thinking about going to a oRvR server.

Distribution Theory – For those who would like to know how the EXP and RP are distributed in a SC, hop over and look at Dont’s take on the issue.

Well, Hope you will enjoy these lovely articles!

S.T. out.

S.T.’s Seven Favorites


Since Syp have asked about what our seven favorites are, I am going to write about it today.

PS: I kind of separate some of the category into Tiers or Realms.

Favorite Zone:

The inevitable City (does that count? I think so)

I loved the Inevitable City! Its like a land where most of my favorite stuff is in it! The moving eyes, the flying blue demons, and the ghoasts running around! And ocationally with a murderous monster running around killing everyone is his path, not to mention the Lord of Change (The big monster that appeared at the end of the opening cinema for WAR).

Favorite Race:

Order: The Empire

Well, Why not? They are humans! Not the normal kind but the ones that are pretty crazy on my book! Have you seen their hairs lately? That is just totally wicked!

Destruction: The Greenskins

Yes, they are ugly but really, how can you not say “aww~~~” after hearing what they have to say! Their whole life is like a comic book! Plus, those little goblins are like… SO CUTE! (of cause if you choose the right face and stuff, they look adorable!)

Favorite Career:

Order: The Bright Wizard

I just can’t resist the idea that you have living fire in you! Come on! You can breathe FIRE! I wish had that ability so that I would be the most poplar person in Camping situations! (Well I would try to stay away from the forest through, don’t want them wild fire, if you know what I mean.)

Destruction: The Magus

Sorry Sorceress, I have to go with Magus this time around. I just love that disk! And it changes with you while leveling up! Plus I think the Magus have the most wicked armor sets in the game, their helmet is like the coolest!

Favorite WAR Feature:

For PvE: The public Quests

The PQ system is just fun to play! Its stories that you can kind of relate to and it gives me the feeling that I am in a movie or something, hopefully you know what I mean.

For PvP: Scenarios

Yup, that’s right, Scenarios, I love the fact that you can queue to a Scenario anywhere in the world, and plus it’s a good way to level up! (DO THE RVR ONLY CHALLEGE!)

Favorite Skill:

Another hard one… I have played so many careers but I was not able to test them all out. (since I don’t have a lv40 character) For now I have to go with the Master rune/Ritual skills. I just love the concept of it, even though its not very powerful, and it only effects your group members (I thought it effects all allies, but I guess I was wrong). I just love how the skills work!

Favorite Scenario:

T1: Nordenwatch

Nordenwatch is the ones that is easy for people to understand the objectives and it’s the one that hit and run will work, plus, I think this is the one SC where all the careers have to work together to really achieve the victory.

T2: Mourkain Temple

Mourkain Temple is fast and easy, just go and kill and one more thing, keep that artifact as long as you can! Compare to other two SCs in T2 Mourkain Temple is the most entertaining SC out of the three.

T3: High Pass Cemetery

High Pass Cemetery is a new and improve Khaine’s Embrace. It is fun to play because at this point you have the skills to be able to really do some damage and the speed of things turning around is just fun! The map isn’t too large so you don’t really have to run around trying to get the capture points, plus you are in a CEMETERY! Oh, and those ghostly giants are pretty cool to look at!

T4: None at the moment.

I have played most of the T4 Scenarios surprisingly with a lv 32 and lv 33 characters, I guess I can’t really fully enjoy all the fun till I get a Lv 40 character because all the people in T4 just yells “Dude! You are like lv 30, go lv up first idiot!” and I guess the fact that most T4 that I played in my realm losses 80% of the time didn’t help much either. Is it really because of my low level? I don’t know, but I think I am going to get my Sorcerer to Lv 40 to see how T4 SCs really should have been like (oh the lack of healers is something that I don’t like either, every time I played Order have at least 4 healers on  their side v.s. destruction 0 or 1)

Favorite Live Events:

Night of Murder

So far, I have to make Night of Murder my favorite Live Event, because I just love how the event is build around the Dark Elf’s Death Night! And plus its really not that hard to grind out the influences, and you got to kill people like an assassin getting their assignments!

S.T. out.

Say Hello to Patch 1.2.0!


Just in case you haven’t noticed, Mythic have release the notes for Patch 1.2.0.

I won’t go into the details at the moment because I am looking at a very hectic 4 day weekend (6 things due on Monday including 2 tests, you would thought that professors always group up to kill you!)

But a lot of other blogs have put up their thought into this, mine will come later (hopefully)

So here we go.

Book Of Grudges summed up everything

Cry Me A RvR discussed the changes for Zealots

Stunty Stomper gave us some thoughts on the change of the Black Orc and other changes in RvR

The Greenskin discussed the changes for Squid Herder

WAAAGH! gave us his two cents about the patch

Way of the Chosen talked about the changes for the Chosen

I will update the lists when more posts about the patch becomes available.

S.T. out.

WAR’s Best Career for RvR or PvP


“What career is the best to play for PvP?”

A line pop up in the Chat window when I was playing a T1 SC.

I looked at the line, and thought to myself, “ah, a new player!”

I was wondering if I should answer him but then since I was playing a Archmage, I was a bit busy healing people and was not able to answer him.

And this little question just kind of slipped through my mind until today, when I was looking at my blog status, google send me some traffic, and the key word used was “WAR best career for RvR”

I feel sorry for the person who came to my blog and was probably not satisfied by the content because there isn’t really any post telling him/her which career is the best career for RvR.

But then I started to think, why does people want to know which careers is the best career for RvR in WAR? I started to look back into the MMORPG history and realized that in a MMORPG with PvP content, there usually is one particular career being praised as the best profession for PvP.

So I went back and look at WAR and ask myself, “What is the best career to play RvR in WAR?”

And my answer was “Well, it depends what you want to play! There really isn’t a best career to play in the RvR landscape!”

Of cause there are careers that are more popular than others, but really, in WAR it all depends on if you like the career or not. Let it be a sword master or a black orc, a witch elf or a witch hunter. There isn’t really one particular career stands out in the RvR game play. No one career could really work all by itself in a oRvR situation or in any SCs, to tell you the truth, even in PvE it’s hard to solo!

Soloing in WAR is a pretty boring thing to do, and I think it sometimes frustrates some of the players who prefer solo play (including me) for PvE contents.

So if you stumble upon my blog with the question “Which career is the best for RvR in WAR?” Hopefully this little post have answered your question.

S.T. out.