GOA teamplay guide reviewed.


As promised, here is the review of the GOA teamplay guide!

I have to confess, as a RvR player (specialized in SC plays). This guide doesn’t really apply to me that much (well, PuG is always the case) but overall this article provides a very fundamental tips for a player that want to know more about a oRvR teamplay.

Out of 10 i will give the guide a 7.5

If you want to learn more about an idea teamplay situations, I recommend you to read it. Follow this link to go to the guide.

The guide is separated into a few parts, personally I will put the whole article into two.

Part I     the general knowledge of forming a team.

Part II   The roles within a team.

The key word here is “team” not “party”

A team is a group of people who can work with each other and is able to complete a common goal. In this case, defeat your enemy in a oRvR situation.

The guide also go into details about the roles of a leader and a member. It is extremely hard to find a group of players that have this extend of respect for each other (you could find this kind of respect in mature players, a guild, or real life friend characters)

Don’t really count on PuG for this sort of respect and organizations.

What is cool about the guide is that it provides scenarios of different situations. And how a team could overcome or how they could face these situations.

It provides tips such as “position yourself correctly” and “know your role and your enemy” which are very helpful, and is teamplay 101.

The guide concludes with the statement that experience come with playing.

What do you think about the guide?

Did it help you in any way?

S.T. out.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review! We are glad to hear that you thought it was good enough for a 7.5 and will certainly take your feedback into consideration for our future guides and articles!

    What did you think of our Career Spotlight: The Chosen? (http://www.war-europe.com/#/specialfeat/?feat=interviewch&lang=en)

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