The big announcement is here.


So, in case you haven’t heard, (which I am sure you have)

Mythic have announced its big announcement for the month.

After many of the blogger received the mysterious packages from Mythic. Many speculations have been in the air lately.

With the arrivals of the valentine love letters, more and more people are excited about the announcement.

The announcement of Choppa and the Slayer isn’t hard to guess.

As for the love letters, apparently they are the clues as to the live events that is going to happen in March, April and May (does that mean no more big announcements till after May?)

Also big kudos to Regis over at Wizzards and Wenches for correctly named one of the live events – Night of Murder!

What do you feel about the big announcement?

Was it worth the wait?

S.T. out.

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