What could WAR learn from GW? (no, not Games Workshop, its Guild Wars)


So, WAR is going to NY comic con on February 7th. Those who lives around the big apple should go and visit! For more details go to the official site of WAR!

Why am I telling you about this? Because at the end of the announcement, Mythic announced the very first RvR tournament! It is described as a 9 vs 9 two out of three Scenario match, where all characters are pre-made with similar gears.

Why am I excited about this? Because it shows a new way that Mythic can generate PR! And more PR the better! (Mythic have already successfully stir up the WAR community with the mysterious packages and letters! Way to go MYTHIC!) So now, what does this one piece of news related to the topic of this post?

Well, as a GW (Guild Wars) player, this tournament is very familiar to me. Guild Wars have the whole LIVE tournament style PvP celebrations (o.k. WoW has it too.), even though it only happened twice (the world tournament) due to the expensive nature of the event. (you know, air tickets for the teams, and the rents and the food and everything…)

At the end GW created a automated tournament system. Where the tournaments are scheduled every day, and one can earn tournament points in each daily tournament; to qualify for the Monthly champion ship tournament, one will need to have 20 tournament points (or something like that).

It would be interesting to see if WAR will be able to create something in that nature! Of cause it will probably be a separated server or something. But it sure will create a new field to explore for WAR.

What other things could WAR learn from GW?

On top of my head, there are two things.

One, Reconnection to Scenarios,

We all have experienced it, you are playing a scenario and suddenly you are lagging like crazy and after a minute a small box came out and said “you are disconnected from the server.” The only thing you can do at the moment is curse at your Internet Company and re-log into the game, and finally, re-que for another Scenarios that you waited for about 20 minutes to get in. Wouldn’t it be great if you will be able to re-log into the Scenario?

Guild Wars had done it with their Guild vs Guild and all the PvP arenas. It works 60% of the time, and that 60% makes people feel a lot better if they get disconnected.

Two, Punish those who leave an SC

We all dislike (I am being nice here) quitters. And there is a lot of quitters in an SC, especially the ones that your realm is losing badly (like 10 to 500). People can basically just stand in the Idle hand debuff area and get ported out or they can simply log out of the account and re-log.

This happens to GW a lot too, many times people will just leave the arena because the PuG doesn’t look very promising, until they came up with an solutions, punishing those who deliberately leave arenas, a player is punished if he or she leave an arena twice in a row.

What is the punishment?

Banned from participating any PvP activity for a short time (15 minutes, yes that doesn’t sounds too bad, but in GW that is a long time, because you can join any arena within 30 seconds most of the time)

Now this should work great for SC leechers, I mean if a player was removed from a SC because of the Idle hand, and that happened twice in a row, why not just ban this person from queuing up to SCs? Yes some people went afk because it takes a while to get into a SC, but once you accepted the que, shouldn’t you be right in front of your computer? So there is no excuse to be AFK after you have accepted the que.

On another note, people who just leave the SC are more or less cowards (in a role playing standpoint, you see?) I mean, come on, don’t pick your battle!


What do you think?

What is your opinions about the new announced RvR Tournament that is going to happen in NYC?

Would you be interested to form a team to participate?

How about if its opened online just like GW had done? Would you form a team then?

Tell us what you think. Because you never know!

S.T. out.

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