WAR Career Series #1 Understanding the Archetypes

WAR Career Series


So to kick things off, I would like to provide my thoughts on the matter of the Archetypes. What are Archetypes you might ask; archetypes are the basics for the career choices in WAR. As impressive as the numbers of different careers in WAR (22!) there are 4 different archetypes, and these archetypes are what categorized the careers.

The four different archetypes are

Tank, Healer, Range DPS, Melee DPS

To further explain each archetype I would like to introduce a futuristic robotic warrior, Bunny.

Tanks are like the invisible shield of Bunny, careers fall under this archetype are most likely hard to kill, and they have very high physical defenses and HP (health point). They can withhold damage, and protects other teammates as needed. Most importantly, they are the front line of a battlefield.

Healers are the fusion reactor for Bunny, they are the ones that keep everyone alive and they are the ones that keep a group to be able to fight the enemies. In most cases, healers are more or less under appreciated, and at the same time the ones that get blames when a battle ends badly. Despites its underapreicativeness, its still the most popular archetypes for groups as long as he or she knows what they are doing.

Range DPS, DPS stands for Damage per second, careers under this archetype are the laser guns (eyes?) of Bunny, they are the ones that provide instant damage to insure the death of your enemies. Without them, the battle might be a little bit hard to win.

Melee DPS, careers that belong to this archetype are like the diamond blades of Bunny. These people are capable of killing their enemies in a few seconds using the raw force of strength and/or stealth.

As you can see each archetypes have its own roles and its own pros and cons.

What makes WAR’s career even more interesting is that even though all the careers are based on these archetypes, each career still have its own little twists, and that twist is the mechanic of each career.

The next WAR Career Series will start introducing you to the Tanks of WAR. So stay tuned for more!

If you have questions about the careers please leave a comment, and hopefully I will be able to answer it to you!
S.T. out.

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