In an absolute WAR…



We have all experienced it, those lovely AFKers that somehow was able to sneak into the land of scenarios, even though the almighty Mythic had put down the absolute debuff that will remove all those who are not willing to fight. There are still some of them able to sneak into the battlefield.

Have you seen them?

I have seen them every now and then, for example, there might be a Sword master who just stands there right at the middle of a battle and do nothing, he isn’t swinging its sword and he is not defending his allies, he is just standing there right at the middle of nowhere or even worst, at the center of all the fights.

How could that happen? From the second you saw this person; you know he or she is a leecher. A smart one I might add, because he or she has mastered the art of macros.

In an absolute WAR, there will be no such leechers.


S.T. out.

2 Responses

  1. Oh I know where you’re coming from there, man. Our only tank and healer were AFK in Ekrund Gate the other day… also I’d like to be able to designate same-faction players as “enemies”, my Warband was being stalked by two or three Order guys who had a second account to spy on our WB.

    • Yes, I have heard about those little nasty spies… Wonder what could be done about that. I am not sure allowing one to attack the same realm will help much. Because maybe this spy will just level up to 40 and start messing with you in the future.
      Maybe there is a way to vote this person out… But then how can you tell if this low level character is really a spy? Gees, more and more questions… But that’s a good topic to talk about in the future! Thanks for the idea!

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